Community Involvement

Project Uplift established this program as a mandatory vehicle to improve the reading comprehension ability of the community’s children and young adults. Assault on Illiteracy has been active over 10 years in Dekalb County, Georgia, Elementary and Secondary and Senior High Schools. The delivery of this program has been concentrated in economically challenged areas and has often evolved into a tool that ensures proper nutrition, hygiene counseling, exercise, Black History Programs and intra-community athletic competitions for the participants. Standardized Test Preparation. Our schools have historically been challenged with having to acquire State and Federal funding to ensure its continued operation. The impact of programs such as No Child Left Behind, have showed us the importance of achieving the standards set for qualification for funds. We have a successful history of improving grades and academic performance to the levels required for continued Government funding.

Male Mentoring Programs

Over the last 10 years, we have reached over 1000 young men and parents associated with our Manhood Uplift Male Mentoring Program. This project involves providing training, resources, programs and leadership training to young men ages 13-19 and thier parents. The program has established partnerships with: DeKalb County School System, Atlanta Business League (ABL), Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and various other schools, civic organizations, churches, restaurants, government agencies and fellow philanthropic organizations. We also have developed a robotics training program to further our STEM initiative for the mentees. The following workshops have been delivered at various schools, these one-hour sessions covered such topics as:

  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Peer Pressure
  • Survival Skills
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • College and Career Choice Determination
  • Time Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team Building
  • Newspaper Analysis
  • Rap Versus Poetry
  • Understanding The Stock Market

Historically Black College & University (HBCU) Tours

HBCUs offer our youth an opportunity that, all to often is felt to be unattainable…to attend a four-year college or university. Many members of our organization have achieved social, economic and family success with these institutions providing a strong base for development and training. The following are some of the Colleges and Universities that have been visited:

Paine College

Florida A & M University

Tuskegee University

Alabama A & M University

Savannah State College

Fort Valley State University

Albany State University

Vorhees College

Alabama State University

Tennessee State University


Community Health Initiatives

African American communities have a history of poor and risky health behavior and a general lack of knowledge about available resources. Our organization has consistently worked to inform and deliver quality medical information and resources directly to the community.


Annual South Fulton Community Rodeo and Health Fair

This annual event attracts over 5,000 adults and children over a two-day span. During the event, we set up the health & wellness booth for attendees to take various medical tests, consult with medical professionals and obtain information on medical resources, symptoms and treatments. Specific areas of screenings are: blood pressure testing, glucose monitoring, prostate testing and HIV testing. Medical partners that have worked with us previously include:

  • Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia
  • Atlanta Nurses Association
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Atlanta Medical Center


Charles R. Drew Memorial Blood Drive

This nationally mandated program is named after one of the members of our Fraternity. Each year our organization collects 1,000 units of blood to be donated in conjunction with the Red Cross.

Senior Citizen Program at Golden Living Health and Rehabilitation

During our Program’s operation, our senior citizens at this institution get monthly visitations from Chapter and Foundation members. The purpose of these visits is to Uplift their spirits by providing them with entertainment (bingo) and health conscious low fat, sugar free deserts like ice cream and cake. The most important aspect however, is the visitations to the individual patient rooms and the conversations held while we deliver desserts.